"A few years ago my grades weren't good enough. Now I am a trainer myself."

Marcel, Deputy Training Supervisor, Glauchau 

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How long have you been working at Schnellecke?

“I have been at Schnellecke since 2010. Before that, I apprenticed as an electrician. Actually, I wanted to work in the logistics industry then, but my grades at school were not quite good enough. I consciously decided on Schnellecke because I had heard a lot of good things about the training here.

I did a warehousing specialist apprenticeship, and because my grades were good enough, I invested another year of training to become a warehouse logistics specialist.”


What did you do after your apprenticeship?

“After the completion of my apprenticeship, I applied for the Onboard Literature department where we assort onboard books for the vehicles. I worked there for three quarters of a year and then changed to the pre-series production.

Then I was offered a position in Claims. There, after a training period, I was responsible for claims at the Zwickau site. I take care of, for example, incorrect deliveries or excess or short deliveries in Incoming Goods. That is an extremely varied job.

This year I was asked if I could imagine becoming a deputy training supervisor. Since then I have been doing an additional training which is paid for by Schnellecke with two evening courses per week. I am learning a lot and I enjoy it. When I am finished, I will be able to train specialists for warehouse logistics. But at first that will only be a deputy position.” 


How do you see your career at Schnellecke up until now?

“When I look back, I have changed in many ways. Back then my grades were not good enough to get a warehouse logistician apprenticeship, and now I will soon be able to train warehouse logisticians myself.

It was clear to me right from the beginning that I want to stay at Schnellecke. My job is extremely varied and I really enjoy doing it. And I can develop myself further.”