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Economic solidarity and conduct in accordance with laws and regulations, as well as continuous dialogs with our stakeholders – for a family-owned company like Schnellecke these are traditionally essential pillars of responsible business operations. 

As a third generation family-run company, Schnellecke, over its long history, has developed into one of the leading global value-added logistics companies for the automotive industry. When rendering our services, we follow the regional laws, valid guidelines, and standards that apply to us, avoid conflicts of interest, and respect the customs, traditions, and social values of the country and cultural areas in which we are active. We expect the same conduct from our business partners, i.e. service providers and suppliers.


The basis of successful and sustainable business operations is trustworthy and transparent corporate actions. Long-lasting competitiveness, employment, and economic success can only be ensured in this way. The binding orientation framework for proper actions is set by the OECD guiding principles for the prevention of corruption in business transactions, the national and international legal requirements, and the agreements made with Schnellecke. Our business partners transparently regulate the handling of possible conflicts of interest and the prevention of corruption and economic crime. They adhere to competition laws and do not make any agreements or contracts that impact prices, conditions or competition.

Our values, guidelines and expectations on our daily conduct are bindingly formulated in the Schnellecke Code of Conduct. Board members, regional directors, managing directors, corporate division directors, managers and employees of Schnellecke worldwide are bound to our values mission statement and these principles. Together we are pursuing the goal of loyally and ethically putting our business operations into practice along these requirements. For this, managers take on a special role-model function.

Compliance is an indispensable part of the values culture in the Schnellecke Group. We live compliance out of the conviction that we are only successful when we orient our corporate actions on the compliance with the law and legislation, as well as internal and external boundary conditions.

Systematic preventive work is expected to prevent violations of legal requirements, corporate guidelines, and contractual customer requirements. This is achieved through a globally oriented training program, the setting of internal compliance standards, and the systematic monitoring of the established compliance measures.

The Schnellecke Group Compliance Management System is based on our Code of Conduct, our Schnellecke Spirit corporate values, and a regular corporate-wide compliance risk analysis throughout all departments which specifies the scope, emphases and intensity of the yearly compliance activities.

A suitable officer has been appointed within the company for the monitoring of compliance. He has extensive investigative authority at his command and is to be consulted in cases of doubt. The Chief Compliance Officer is supported in the further development of the Schnellecke Group Compliance Management System by a Compliance Committee.

Read our complete Code of Conduct here.

As an internationally active corporate group, we know that we also affect diverse stakeholders. At the same time, our stakeholders in turn decisively determine our corporate success through their actions. Therefore, the Schnellecke Group maintains a continuous dialog with its stakeholders in all regions and at all sites. This dialog takes place both site-specifically with local stakeholders, as well as across sites and topics with various stakeholders.

For decades now, the Schnellecke Group has lived a togetherness characterized by the Schnellecke corporate values and an open, honest and sincere dialog. These corporate values are collected in the Schnellecke Spirit and are actively communicated to the employees at all company sites.

Team spirit, the courage to change, a sense of responsibility – these are the main elements of the Schnellecke Spirit. Based on this, we want to take with us each and every employee as an internal stakeholder on the way to more sustainability. Open and honest communication is meant to promote independent action and proactive initiative, and to contribute to developing a more comprehensive understanding of ecological, economic and social interrelations.

The Schnellecke Group regularly negotiates collective bargaining agreements with the responsible union. These agreements are made freely and fairly. The same is true for the negotiations about bargaining agreements with the works councils. Furthermore, we are collective bargaining agreement-bound members in employers’ associations in several regions and are involved in the further development of regional collective agreement regulations. We are firmly committed to the regional collective agreement so that the same competitive conditions prevail, and, in line with our social responsibility, we are strictly opposed to a competition that is exclusively led on personnel costs. Together with employers’ associations and unions, we also advocate this position in public, for example at public events or podium discussions.

PAIA gives effect to section 32 of the South African Constitution, which focuses on the right to access information. Section 51 of PAIA obliges private bodies to compile a manual to enable a person to obtain access to information held by such private body and stipulates the minimum requirements that the manual has to comply with.

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In its corporate code of business ethics, the Schnellecke Group commits itself to fairness in competition, integrity in business dealings, the avoidance of conflicts of interest, the granting of fair working conditions and the observance of human rights. These ethical values are the benchmark for our actions.

Do you have specific information about a compliance violation involving a Schnellecke Group company? Then help us to investigate these suspicions and report the details.

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