Reliable production supply

The just-in-sequence delivery of individual parts to the place of installation is an essential success factor for efficient and competitive production. Numerous global brands, including many automobile manufacturers, have relied on Schnellecke’s services for years. Schnellecke logistics centers ensure material supply, process reliability, and the global coordination of all logistics and transport processes.



As well as conventional methods, Schnellecke also implements its own methods in order to ensure the correct sequence of material call-offs. Depending on their size, components are picked into customer-specific containers that are delivered up to the production line. Complete kitting bins with up to 200 different parts are also sequenced and delivered to their point of installation.
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Schnellecke ensures the delivery of part variants or assemblies to your assembly line at the right time and in the right sequence and position.
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The production-sequenced deliveries are planned down to the smallest detail and electronically controlled in order to ensure ongoing production at all times. Error-free, pinpoint logistics and our in-house software designed for this purpose, the Schnellecke JIT System (SJS), ensure the reliability of the JIT/JIS transports.
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Ensuring only the really necessary stock on the production line is one of the central requirements in Supply Chain Management. With its inbound logistics, Schnellecke also ensures precise line feeding.
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Container / empties management

Each supply of a production line requires a well-planned container/empties management. Our in-house software designed for this purpose makes it possible to precisely determine the number and location of all containers. If necessary, the containers are processed before they are put back into circulation.
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