Architecture for a new kind of logistics

Continuous innovation is one of the cornerstones of our business.


The Digital Control Tower is the heart of the self-optimizing digital warehouse.

The heart of the digital transformation

Cloud technologies are at the heart of the digital transformation for the implementation of digital processes.


Schnellecke has been working with wearable computing technologies for many years.


In the connected supply chain, self-controlling objects take on tasks that were previously the responsibility of human operators.


Artificial intelligence will play a central role in the logistics of the future, especially when it comes to self-optimization of processes.


Schnellecke now uses industrial robots at several sites.

increasing process reliability

In Schnellecke's new RPA Competence Center, software robots are created for the office.

E-truck in factory traffic

Schnellecke supports the further development of alternative truck drives - for example by participating in research projects.

Smart Logistics: Successful thanks to constant innovation


Continuous innovation is one of the cornerstones of our business. We render the latest technological developments for practical logistics application - and we do it faster than many others. 

Digital transformation has had our highest degree of attention for several years. The focus has not only been on the digitalization of existing business processes but also on the development of new approaches and business models.

We have been a technological pioneer in the field of automotive logistics for many years. For this, investments are necessary in order to identify, evaluate, and implement new developments. Since Schnellecke is a company with a flat hierarchical structure, the decision paths are short.

Thanks to this advantage, new solutions can be implemented quickly. Only with such an agile course of action can the path to Logistics 4.0 be successfully trod. We know: As a service provider, we must always be one step ahead with our Logistics Excellence.