"Seeing the development is genius"

Luis Miguel, Senior Trainer, Sindelfingen



Tell us something about yourself!

"My name is Luis and as a senior trainer I am responsible for qualifying employees."


What exactly do you do?

"As a Senior Trainer, I create training content and train colleagues to prepare them for their jobs. I also take a close look at where my colleagues are at and where there is still a need for training. Most of all, however, I like to find out where potential still lies dormant and try to awaken it."


What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

"The working atmosphere is really pleasant. I know every colleague here at the company and everyone knows me. We live the YOU mentality, which makes working together very pleasant. However, what I enjoy the most is pushing employees forward. The fact that we play a role in their professional future and see the development is really genius."


What are the biggest challenges in your day-to-day work?

"It often involves coordination skills in my job. Our processes are timed to the minute, so you can't easily pull an employee out to train them. Another challenge is the enormous number of employees who had to and still have to be qualified during the start-up phase here in Sindelfingen. Some of the colleagues are already in the process, others are newcomers and also have to get to know these processes. It's extremely important that no one stands on their own two feet in the process, and sometimes that's not easy to achieve."


Complete the sentence: "For me, Schnellecke is..."

"... a great company that values its employees and offers many opportunities for further training and development. I have a dream job here."