Cleverly solved - training during the pandemic

Cleverly solved - training during the pandemic

Even during the Corona pandemic, Schnellecke remains reliable and does not leave our trainees stranded.

An unusual situation, but not an obstacle for Schnellecke: Starting in mid-March, our trainees were initially released from vocational school days, and later also from company practice. This time was used to work through vocational school topics and to continue exam preparations.

Despite the distances, the sense of community remains: Even during the Corona pandemic, Schnellecke provides the trainees with the security and reliability they need for their training. The trainees were continuously informed about news by the training management in Wolfsburg and the trainers at all German locations.

Vocational school classes are canceled, company practice is suspended, and any stores, sports studios or clubs are closed: Where to go with all the free time at home? - None of our trainees had to ask themselves this question, because for us it was clear: Those who can, do voluntary work, for example in Wolfsburg with the Not-Tafel project for fellow citizens in need of help. Tackling, carrying, transporting: even in bad weather, our helpers gave their all to ensure that the households in need continued to be supplied during the pandemic.

To protect ourselves and our surroundings, all seminar and training dates were cancelled as a precaution. Nothing is forgotten - the training management and the trainers are committed to rescheduling and making up for all cancelled dates as far as possible.

Our trainees were given access to Microsoft Teams, an extended Microsoft Office license for video conferencing, for example, so that they can continue to actively participate in day-to-day work. In the future, missed training sessions or year-end meetings will also be held online for the most part. No one is left behind - Those who do not currently have the technical means to work on school assignments from home will also receive the company's support here.

Since April 27, most of our trainees have been allowed to return to company practice - not a matter of course. Careful precautions as well as hygiene and protection measures were taken for this. At the Glauchau site, our trainees were trained as so-called "pandemic helpers" and provided exemplary support to our safety specialists.