Everything under control - with the Digital Control Tower

Everything under control - with the Digital Control Tower

Is the supplier's truck on time when there is black ice outside? Which route exactly does an employee take when picking? When exactly does an autonomous towing vehicle have to pick up the route train? Which container is currently located where?

The Digital Control Tower can provide answers to these questions.

The Digital Control Tower is the digital twin of the world in the warehouse and beyond, a virtual representation of reality. Here, all information from the warehouse and the processes running in it are brought together.

This means that picking solutions developed by Schnellecke are no longer isolated solutions, but part of an integrated whole. DCT enables visualization via dashboards to quickly assess what is happening in the warehouse and take time-critical ad hoc measures.

The data required for this is collected, for example, by sensors that report at any time the location of an object, whether a small container or a large one, the condition of a system or the number of goods in the buffer. This data forms the basis for all further steps.


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