Schnellecke Cloud: More availability, more scalability

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When implementing digital processes, cloud technologies are the core of the digital transformation and are decisive for their success. This is because, among other things, they optimally fulfill the demands on availability and scalability.

This is why Schnellecke started migrating its IT landscape to the cloud at an early stage. As well as other systems that control standardized processes such as systems for project management, ERP, and warehouse management are now also available via the Schnellecke Cloud.

All services everywhere and fast 

Thanks to the migration of standardized processes and IT systems to the cloud we can render all services on demand anywhere in the world with an extremely short lead time. If the opening of a company site used to take several months, Schnellecke can now start up a fully functional branch in the shortest time thanks to the migration of the complete infrastructure of a logistics company site to the Schnellecke Cloud.